The Law of a Attraction

Graphic of the law of attraction and the ways it can help
How the law of attraction can help you

I first heard of the law of attraction whilst in the car listening to the radio. The person being interviewed mentioned it and I remember thinking ooh that sounds interesting! All I wanted to do was get home and search more about it.

The more I read, the more sense it made. I always remember the feeling or thought that in some strange way I had always known about this but didn’t quite know what it was.

Like when you put down the last few pieces of a jigsaw and everything becomes clear – if that makes sense?

After some searching, I found a book which had some great reviews. When the book arrived, I remember how quickly everything made perfect sense, I could relate to what the author was saying instantly.

One example given is when you think about someone, maybe that you haven’t seen for a while and then later you bump into that person, how often does this happen to us?

Another great example in the book is to visualise a parking space near your to the entrance of your grocery store, see how many times it happens, you will laugh!

These things can only happen so many times before they cannot be called a coincidence…

Hypnotherpy and relaxation.

A long time before buying this book had been listening to some self help Cd’s by Paul McKenna, a popular Hypnotherapist. On this fantastic Cd he talks about people who use positive visualisation to achieve what they want in life.

Although Paul McKenna doesn’t actually call it the law of attraction, it is very clear this is what he’s referring to.

It was very noticeable after listening to this Cd my shop would go through a busier period…

It is now very clear that my financial and abundant vibration had clearly been raised!

So what is the law of attraction?

Quite simply, you attract to your life whatever you give your attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative.

In simple terms everything vibrates at a certain frequency, we vibrate at a certain frequency, this frequency can change.

This frequency or vibration changes with our mood. There are only two kinds of vibration, a positive and negative one. The universe always matches your vibration.

The ability to “feel” the visualisation seems to almost boost the attraction massively.

How can you practice the law of attraction

Think more about those things in life you want, a girl friend, more work, bigger house, whatever you want…

And start imagining or visualising that situation, imagine what it feels like to drive up to your new house.

Visualise its location, but imagine the feeling of how great it feels to own that house, what does the kitchen look like, what views does it have?

Do you have a photograph of your dream house? Stick it somewhere you will see it on a regular basis to keep that raised vibration…

Buy the book, and change your life today…

Michael is a fantastic author and I would highly recommend his book, it is written in a clear and easy to understand way. It has certainly changed my life.

The law of attraction by Michael Losier

Michael’s book explains how vibrations work, visualisation, our daily use of positive and negative words and how they affect your life.

Michael Losier explains how the Law of attraction works

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