The Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga

woman practising Yoga with sunset
Woman practising yoga on mountain with sunset

Yoga can have some surprising health benefits, some of the many are, lower blood pressure, improved posture and increased flexibility.

Yoga is one of those words that gets thrown around a lot these days when it comes to health and living better, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Many people, especially people interested in starting a yoga practice, may still feel unsure of what it really means.

Yoga, in its original form (dating back to ancient India 2000 years ago) is a practice focusing on physical exercise, breath control, meditation and mindfulness, relaxation and harmony between the body mind and spirit.

Today, science is catching on to all the wonderful health benefits yoga practice provides. Yoga encourages low impact movement through asanas and postures, together with deep breathing techniques that oxygenates the body.

It helps to calm a cluttered mind, teaching it to focus on the moment. It is a form of holistic therapy that can be practised by everyone.

You do not have to be the fittest, most flexible or best meditator to practice yoga. Yoga learns you to work with your own body to create a state of relaxation.

Today, yoga has become overly commercialised on social media platforms. Don’t let all those images of bendy millennial’s on Instagram scare you off.

One of the other surprising health benefits of Yoga is that if you join a a club or group is the social side, maybe meeting like minded people.

Top 10 health benefits of Yoga

  • Improves flexibility and muscle strength
  • Improves posture and protects joints from injury
  • Increases blood flow, bringing more oxygen to your muscles and vital organs
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Improves the removal of toxins from the body through lymphatic drainage
  • Lowers your blood pressure
  • Helps to turn down the body’s stress response and induces deep relaxation
  • Improves mental clarity
  • Releases ‘happy’ hormones, elevating your mood
  • Helps you to sleep better

Tips for beginners starting Yoga

Find an accredited yoga teacher in your area that offers classes for beginners. Practice self-love and learn to go slow with your body, always listening to what it is telling you.

Do not allow yourself to compare your practice with that of others. Yoga is a personal practice and is never the same for one person to the next.

You will soon find your own rhythm and start reaping the amazing health benefits of yoga.

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What is Passive Income?

graphic showing how to achieve passive income with coins
How can you create passive income.

So what is a passive income? A passive income is an income that requires little or no effort to maintain, almost self generating in a way. Passive income can trickle in, when you’re not working.

Whenever someone needs an additional income, usually the first reply is “get a part time job or do some overtime.”

But what happens if you don’t have any more time to put in some extra hours? This is where the magic of passive income can help.

Active income versus passive income

Active income is where you are doing something in order to receive that income, like the usual 9 to 5 job. Passive income is where you might use very little or no effort to earn money.

Are you looking to make an extra income? Have you recently lost your job or are you looking to increase your financial wealth. Maybe your fed up with the 9 to 5 rat race and realised life is for living! Because you were born to live a life and enjoy it.

Two Ways To Generate Passive Income

Passive income doesn’t just magically appear, it still has to be generated from existing assets. No matter what form of income generating assets those are, you can only build them in one of two ways.

Passive Income 1: Investing Money

If you are lucky enough to have some residual cash (spare cash not needed for bills etc) then you can invest into something. These streams of passive income usually require little effort. Your money is working for you quietly in the background.


  • Interest from savings account
  • Income from investment property
  • Peer-to-peer lending
  • Sales from eBook online
  • Revenue from affiliate marketing
  • Sell your photographs

Passive Income 2: Invest Your Time & Effort

If you do not have any residual cash, then you will need to trade your time to build your passive income asset. There is a chance that you will need to invest a small amount of money to get started, but the main investment will be your time and effort.


  • Write an e-book
  • Affiliate marketing

Think of your income as a table, imagine a table with one central leg and another table that might have four legs:

The first table only has ONE LEG to support the table. If one leg breaks, the table COLLAPSES.

The second table has MULTIPLE LEGS to support the it. If one leg breaks, the table will wobble but REMAINS STANDING.

Think of the table as your LIFE and the legs as YOUR INCOME STREAMS. Set yourself up with multiple streams of income so that YOUR LIFE DOESN’T COLLAPSE if one fails.

Earning a second income will allow you to have more to potentially do what you want. You could always reinvest and earn a second income on you second income.

There is an old saying in business. Failing to PLAN is planning to FAIL.


Passive Income – Selling your Photographs online for an extra income

screen shot of shutter stock photographs for sale online
Screen shot of photographs for sale on Shutterstock

What is Passive income?

Selling your photographs online for an extra income can be a great boost to your existing income. It is also another form of Passive income. is an income that requires little or no effort to maintain, almost self generating in a way, but with little or no effort from you.

Selling your photographs online

Looking to make some extra money? Thought about selling your photos online? This is a fantastic and relatively easy way to make an extra income…

Sell your photographs and videos online to make a second income.

These days modern mobile phones having some amazing quality cameras on them, it is now easier than ever to amass a collection of great photographs which can be sold online to make an extra income.

Buy or sell photographs online

Selling your photographs online for an extra income, is now easier than ever. You simply open an account as a contributor and start selling your photographs and start creating a passive income very quickly.

If your looking to buy photographs, then its easy to open an account and start buying straight away.

People who buy photographs online might be web developers, bloggers, magazine editors.

There are lots of online photo libraries, that you can sell to and buy from. The list below is a selection of them that we use ourselves.


Shutterstock is one of the leading photo libraries / agencies selling and buying both photographs and video clips.

If you would like to sell your photographs, please click on the link here:

If you wish to purchase photographs or video clips, you can also do this as well.

If you would like to purchase photographs or video clips, please click on the link here:

Another great thing about Shutterstock is they have a fantastic little app for your phone. You can review when photographs have been approved and it even lets you know when you’ve sold a photograph!

screen shot of shutter stock mobile app showing sold item
Shutterstock mobile app is fantastic at letting you know when you’ve made a sale


Picfair is a great way to sell photographs online. Unlike a lot of other Photo libraries Picfair allows you to to set the price YOU want, then they put their commission on top.

This means you might get more commission, but be careful not to overprice, better to have a little of something, rather than 100% of nothing…

To sell images to Picfair click on the link here:

screen shot of picfair home screen
You can sell your photographs on Picfair

What type of photographs should I take?

Try to think about what type of photographs sell in magazines. If you live in a tourist location, think about holiday photos that might promote your area.

Next time you look through a magazine have a closer look at the type of photographs are used. There is so much choice out there for you to take. Another great thing is that as you start to take more great photos, they can be purchased many times over.

Consider taking photographs of these great subjects below:

  • Food
  • Tourism
  • People at work
  • Commercial and industrial
  • Nature

What camera should I use?

There is usually a minimum file size of 4 Mb that most of these companies will accept. So you will need to make sure when you take a photo its minimum size is 4 Mb or higher, most phone camera’s are these days!

If you don’t want to use your mobile phone or wish to purchase a small compact camera there is quite a bit of choice available. All modern cameras have a good file size these days and the lens quality is fantastic.

Have a look at the two cameras below, one at a lower price range but great quality, the other higher specification for a little more money.

The Law of a Attraction

Graphic of the law of attraction and the ways it can help
How the law of attraction can help you

I first heard of the law of attraction whilst in the car listening to the radio. The person being interviewed mentioned it and I remember thinking ooh that sounds interesting! All I wanted to do was get home and search more about it.

The more I read, the more sense it made. I always remember the feeling or thought that in some strange way I had always known about this but didn’t quite know what it was.

Like when you put down the last few pieces of a jigsaw and everything becomes clear – if that makes sense?

After some searching, I found a book which had some great reviews. When the book arrived, I remember how quickly everything made perfect sense, I could relate to what the author was saying instantly.

One example given is when you think about someone, maybe that you haven’t seen for a while and then later you bump into that person, how often does this happen to us?

Another great example in the book is to visualise a parking space near your to the entrance of your grocery store, see how many times it happens, you will laugh!

These things can only happen so many times before they cannot be called a coincidence…

Hypnotherpy and relaxation.

A long time before buying this book had been listening to some self help Cd’s by Paul McKenna, a popular Hypnotherapist. On this fantastic Cd he talks about people who use positive visualisation to achieve what they want in life.

Although Paul McKenna doesn’t actually call it the law of attraction, it is very clear this is what he’s referring to.

It was very noticeable after listening to this Cd my shop would go through a busier period…

It is now very clear that my financial and abundant vibration had clearly been raised!

So what is the law of attraction?

Quite simply, you attract to your life whatever you give your attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative.

In simple terms everything vibrates at a certain frequency, we vibrate at a certain frequency, this frequency can change.

This frequency or vibration changes with our mood. There are only two kinds of vibration, a positive and negative one. The universe always matches your vibration.

The ability to “feel” the visualisation seems to almost boost the attraction massively.

How can you practice the law of attraction

Think more about those things in life you want, a girl friend, more work, bigger house, whatever you want…

And start imagining or visualising that situation, imagine what it feels like to drive up to your new house.

Visualise its location, but imagine the feeling of how great it feels to own that house, what does the kitchen look like, what views does it have?

Do you have a photograph of your dream house? Stick it somewhere you will see it on a regular basis to keep that raised vibration…

Buy the book, and change your life today…

Michael is a fantastic author and I would highly recommend his book, it is written in a clear and easy to understand way. It has certainly changed my life.

The law of attraction by Michael Losier

Michael’s book explains how vibrations work, visualisation, our daily use of positive and negative words and how they affect your life.

Michael Losier explains how the Law of attraction works