Passive Income – Selling your Photographs online for an extra income

screen shot of shutter stock photographs for sale online
Screen shot of photographs for sale on Shutterstock

What is Passive income?

Selling your photographs online for an extra income can be a great boost to your existing income. It is also another form of Passive income. is an income that requires little or no effort to maintain, almost self generating in a way, but with little or no effort from you.

Selling your photographs online

Looking to make some extra money? Thought about selling your photos online? This is a fantastic and relatively easy way to make an extra income…

Sell your photographs and videos online to make a second income.

These days modern mobile phones having some amazing quality cameras on them, it is now easier than ever to amass a collection of great photographs which can be sold online to make an extra income.

Buy or sell photographs online

Selling your photographs online for an extra income, is now easier than ever. You simply open an account as a contributor and start selling your photographs and start creating a passive income very quickly.

If your looking to buy photographs, then its easy to open an account and start buying straight away.

People who buy photographs online might be web developers, bloggers, magazine editors.

There are lots of online photo libraries, that you can sell to and buy from. The list below is a selection of them that we use ourselves.


Shutterstock is one of the leading photo libraries / agencies selling and buying both photographs and video clips.

If you would like to sell your photographs, please click on the link here:

If you wish to purchase photographs or video clips, you can also do this as well.

If you would like to purchase photographs or video clips, please click on the link here:

Another great thing about Shutterstock is they have a fantastic little app for your phone. You can review when photographs have been approved and it even lets you know when you’ve sold a photograph!

screen shot of shutter stock mobile app showing sold item
Shutterstock mobile app is fantastic at letting you know when you’ve made a sale


Picfair is a great way to sell photographs online. Unlike a lot of other Photo libraries Picfair allows you to to set the price YOU want, then they put their commission on top.

This means you might get more commission, but be careful not to overprice, better to have a little of something, rather than 100% of nothing…

To sell images to Picfair click on the link here:

screen shot of picfair home screen
You can sell your photographs on Picfair

What type of photographs should I take?

Try to think about what type of photographs sell in magazines. If you live in a tourist location, think about holiday photos that might promote your area.

Next time you look through a magazine have a closer look at the type of photographs are used. There is so much choice out there for you to take. Another great thing is that as you start to take more great photos, they can be purchased many times over.

Consider taking photographs of these great subjects below:

  • Food
  • Tourism
  • People at work
  • Commercial and industrial
  • Nature

What camera should I use?

There is usually a minimum file size of 4 Mb that most of these companies will accept. So you will need to make sure when you take a photo its minimum size is 4 Mb or higher, most phone camera’s are these days!

If you don’t want to use your mobile phone or wish to purchase a small compact camera there is quite a bit of choice available. All modern cameras have a good file size these days and the lens quality is fantastic.

Have a look at the two cameras below, one at a lower price range but great quality, the other higher specification for a little more money.

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